Meet our Locies!

Meet our local tourists, or as well call them, Locies! Each of our participating Locies was hand picked by Sasa Hivi and have gone through the relevant security screening for your peace of mind.  Read more about them below.  They all form part of the immediate network of people that we work with or are in touch with on a regular basis and are trusted friends of Sasa Hivi.  In future, we hope that the interest in this initiative will grow so that we can expand our base of Locies to include members sent to us through public requests.

Simone Jacobs

I am 25 years young and work as a carer at a retirement villiage in Somerset West.

I live with my mother and father on Meerlust farm, and I have a very beautiful 6 year old daughter.  I speak English and Afrikaans, and though I may seem quite shy, I warm up easily to people that I meet.  I am currently learning how to drive and have therefore not travelled too far out of the Stellenbosch area very often yet, so I would love to see more of the surrounding areas.  Since I live in the countryside, I would like to see the Cape Peninsula as I haven't been on that side of the Cape yet.

Tariq Jacobs

People just call me Jacobs. I  have lived in Cape Town all my life and currently live in Mitchelle's Plain.

I work as a security front desk supervisor at The Six Bulding in the old District Six.  I am married with three girls aged 1, 7 and 9! So I don't have any grey hairs, I have no hair! I speak Afrikaans and English.  I would love to go to the top of Table Mountain since I have never been there in all the time that I have lived in Cape Town.

Masline Chipara

I was born in the Eastern Cape and I now live in Goodwood in Cape Town, where we are surrounded by retail complexes and the N1 freeway.

I am happily married and have two boys aged 4 and 11.  My husband is an engineer and I work as a domestic worker.  I love going outdoors and baking for my family.  I also think I have a good sense of humour. :)  I would love to meet people from other countries as I have not travelled to any other countries myself.