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The first awakening

Posted by Super User
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Apart from our annual caravan trips to the East Coast when I was still at school, travel was never a priority to my family.  The first time I ever left the borders of South Africa was in my final year of university. By this time I was already 24 years old!
My best  friend Jacques, invited me on a road trip to Mozambique, along with another friend Paul and his girlfriend Monique. I contemplated the thought: white sandy beaches and cheap rum; could I think twice?!  So, the four of us set out with Citi Golf and Venter trailer, utterly unprepared for and blissfully ignorant of the sandy roads (only to be traversed by four-wheel drive bakkies) awaiting us.

After an interactive, expensive border crossing, and a two-hour traffic official interrogation session, we arrived at Tofu Beach; far later than we planned.  The effort that we had just been through was eclipsed by the site that met us:  A silvery full moon (the only source of light present), shining over a stretch of palm trees that reaches as far as the eye could see.  Ocean-roar and fresh breeze instantly energized me; beckoned me to go exploring.  The sea always reminds me of our caravan vacations, rekindles my childlike sense of adventure.

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